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Opening Reception, Friday October 15, 2021
from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

A part of the CLICK! photography festival

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Artist’s Statement

Roland Barthes asserts that "a photograph is a witness [to] what has been. Every image is an image of death." But Barthes is wrong. A photograph may speak to a moment now past if that is what is desired. But a photograph can create its own energy as well. Like Cezanne's paintings, it can live; it can breathe.

I use my camera to create life and to defy death. My goal is create living works of art that embody the moment when mass becomes energy. They are never constructed. Everything in them is real.

These images capture a moment of transcendence. In that moment, we know ourselves to be infinite, inextricably a part of the universe. We perceive that, when we die, we will merely change in form. Nothing is ever lost. The energy of those we loved exists forever all around us. And we will too.


Fern L. Nesson is a fine art photographer, a lawyer and an American historian.
She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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